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Wealth Vision Process

Our goal is to lead you through a Six-Step process that is designed to ensure that your goals are the focal point of our relationship.

Step 1

Engagement Meeting

This is a conversation where we each share our values and beliefs. The goal is to determine how and if we can help and to clearly understand what you need and want most out of a financial advisory relationship.

Step 2

Discovery Meeting

We work together in a "fact-finding" meeting to achieve two objectives:

  • Gather data and information on your current financial situation 
  • Outline your needs, goals, and desires for the future. 

Step 3

Analytical Design

This is the behind the scenes analysis of your data that results in the strategic design of a plan, that when professionally implemented, will bring a greater degree of focus and excitement to your financial life.

Step 4

Present Recommendations

We meet to introduce you to your personal and comprehensive plan including an “Implementation Guide”. The clearly defined actions steps require your feedback and preliminary input on their priority.

Step 5

Plan Implementation

When you have thoroughly reviewed the plan and are confident that the plan correctly addresses your priorities, additional detail on the implementation is important. All aspects are discussed and an accompanying timeline is developed. Clear expectations are set.

Step 6

Relationship Management

Life has a way of altering our plans. We believe it is important to meet regularly (or on an as needed basis) to: monitor and review the plan, discuss your financial situation, and to discuss how we are doing as we work together.