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Next Steps

We consult with advisors to impact the critical things needed to make a transformative breakthrough in their business.

The process begins with contacting our SVP, National Advisory Practice, John Hoffman - or (952) 209-2345.

The process from this point forward is straightforward. In order for LPL Financial and VisionPoint to structure an offer, there is some basic information we need from you.

The online form used to gather the information is able to be signed electronically and all information can be entered or uploaded for a seamless entry point. If you have any questions at this point, please contact Melissa Keller at (515) 974-4572.

  1. Gather documentation of your Trailing 12 production
    • This would include:
      • Life Insurance
      • Annuity
      • Brokerage
      • General Securities
      • Advisory
      • Direct Mutual Funds and Variable Annuities
      • Qualified Plan (i.e. 401k, SIMPLE, SEP)
  2. Please also take a moment to gather your Outside Business Activities as this will be useful as you complete this initial process
  3. Go to
  4. Click on the red underlined “Join LPL” at the top left part of the website
  5. On the far right side of the web page, click on “Submit Your Profile”
  6. Enter your information into the form – NO NOTICE will be provided to your current firm or Broker Dealer. This profile information allows LPL Financial and VisionPoint to review your background, production, Outside Business Activities, and basic information that leads to the offer
  7. As you complete the profile, there is a section which states “Are you joining an existing LPL Financial Office?” Please select yes, and type in James Mars in the blank. Jim is VisionPoint’s Managing Partner and OSJ. By indicating this, the information is assigned to VisionPoint and our team.
  8. Once done, sign the profile electronically.

Once this is complete you will work with Melissa Keller and your personal LPL Financial Onboarding Specialist to answer your questions and, when ready, review your offer. Melissa will work with you to put together your transition plan and partner with you to make your transition process as efficient as possible.

Again, any questions you may have prior to or after completing the JoinLPL profile, please call Melissa Keller at (515) 974-4572. Melissa is charged with being your liaison as you consider, make your decision, and ultimately move your business to independence powered by LPL Financial and VisionPoint Advisory Group.