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VP Mission/Vision: Build a professionally managed regional RIA business that impacts the personal and financial success of our clients, employees, advisors and owners.
Values: Interwoven into the fabric of every organization are the strategic values that either propel the organization forward or keep it mired down in complexity and mediocrity. We believe the following to be the strategic values that will have a profound influence on our corporate and individual success.


Who do we need to drive our vision?

⦁ What we must be able to do:

⦁ Collaboration - we can't do it alone. It takes a team.

⦁ Serve - our influence comes in the way we can impact others.

⦁ Impact – change making is the difference maker.

⦁ Who we need to hire:

⦁ Humble - Looking out for the interests of others.

⦁ Hungry - this is how we contribute.

⦁ People smart - emotional intelligence commoditization

Companies are networks of inter-dependent relationships. Companies work best, therefore, when all employees see that they are in the business of serving one another and that in the end they are also serving themselves.  Stephen Covey